7th Sea: The Long Road Home

The story so far...
the short-short version.

Returning to Kreuzer lands, the group takes a moment to get rest. Sigfried is given his fathers sword as encouragement for having found a suitable candidate for courtship, while Sebjorn is given the deed to an estate the family acquired recently in Freiburg as reward for his role in making Sigfried actually carry out the courtship. Grigori receives a letter giving the location of the man he seeks, while Sigfried is given orders to acquire a ring. A short journey by horse brings the party to the Kingless Kingdom, where an afternoon’s search brings them to the door of a small estate that matches the location on the deed.

The next morning, a group calling themselves the Mad Wolves accosts the butler on his way home from getting the makings of breakfast. They are quickly and violently dispensed with, the survivors fleeing into the maze of the city. Yuri and Grigori attempt to track the escaped leaders, but only manage to find Grigori’s axe and the end of the trail at a back alley sawbones.


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