“My Mistress would much appreciate your presence at this location, Signiore”

Those words started it all: flight from Montaigne, a desperate journey through Eisen to the lines of the Ussuran front, all to deliver a message for a woman in distress. If only that were the end…

You have since faced the streets of Freiburg, witnessed the majesty of a Sidhe storm, hunted through Ile du B├ęte, stopped the plots of madmen, taken wounds that would kill lesser men, seen both sides of the line at El Muro al Ultimo, been privy to the secret ceremonies of the Vesten, exchanged wit with the Princes of Vodacce, and come home to tell the tale… and then a new journey beckoned with the dawn.

The Long Road Home is a 7th Sea game of world travel, focused mostly on mainland Theah with the occassional sea journey for spice.

7th Sea: The Long Road Home

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